Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Birthday Weekend

Well I don't know If you all know but Monday, the 16th was my birthday. My husband decided to celebrate on the weekend before. So this is the events that took place. First we went just the two of out we went to eat at Dixie cafe, then he took me to see mallcop which was to funny. Then we went to get tickets to the monster trucks. The monster trucks were coming on Saturday to be ASU Convecation center and we were wanting to take Hayden. So we purchased the tickets and went home. We had to get up early Saturday morning because we had a meeting at 8:30 for Hayden's t-ball team. Later that day we got ready for the monster trucks, then off to Jonesboro again this time with Hayden. Hayden had a ball.... we talking about Hayden and I got to take a ride in one of the monster trucks which Hayden thought was awesome. I will post a few pics of the monster trucks. Haydens favorite one was the one that looks like a tiger. We would growl everytime that he saw it....it was so funny.


  1. Glad you guys had fun! YOu and Hayden got to ride in one of the trucks? How did you manage that? Love ya



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