Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just getting started

Well this is for you Jamey, I think that I might have figured it out. I have started a blog if you havent already figured that out by now. I am not very familiar with it yet but trying to get up to date with the new things out there. I will try to get some pics of the kids on here as soon as I figure out how to do it.


  1. Look at her go! Finally I will get some pics of my niece and nephew. Thanks sis! love ya

  2. I hesitated to leave a comment for fear it might freak you out to have a stranger stop by... but then I noticed that my blog is on your link list! Ha! Sooooo...

    WELCOME!!! Hope you have lots of fun blogging. It's a great way to keep in touch and let friends and family see your kids grow up, even from a distance. And apparently it's a great way to meet new people! I'm Rebekah, by the way. Nice to meet you! :-)

  3. WELCOME! I'm really looking forward to keeping in touch with you this way and seeing how your kids are growing up. Before long, you'll get the hang of it. Before then, you may have many frustrations like all the rest of us had, but hang in there, it's worth it in the end.

  4. Thanks for all the comments. I hope that I will get the hang of it all really soon so I can let you all see my 2 wonderful kiddos that is when they are good... just kidding they are great most of the time.

  5. Hey April glad to see you joining the bloggers good to hear from you and it will be fun to see pictures of the kids when you are able to post some. tell everyone in Ark. we said hi.



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